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About 104.1 KENA FM

104.1 KENA-FM

104.1 KENA FM is “Today’s Best Country” and Is Now the home of This Mena Morning Show by Mark Hobson (aka”Mr. Swap Shop), Thrifty Thursday, Also Pleased for a Hog Caller for the Razorbacks! KENA 104.1 FM has always been the region’s primary source for local information because 1950 Even Though a lot has shifted within the 65 Decades, the region’s Reliance on KENA hasn’t, particularly in emergency scenarios.

Address: 1168 Hwy 71 S., Mena, Arkansas Search
Phone: (479) 243-9600

Info of The Station

Name : 104.1 KENA-FM
Location : Arkansas, USA
Language :  English
Frequency : 104.1 FM
Website : mypulsenews.com

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