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104.1 EZ FM

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About 104.1 EZ FM

104.1 EZ FM

104.1 EZ FM is a commercial FM radio station. It is broadcasting an adult contemporary music format. Stay tune with us.

Address: 1416 Locust St. Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: +1 515-280-1041
Business Phone: 515-280-1350
Business Fax: 515-280-3011
Traffic Hotline: 515-4949-CAR (4949-227)

Info of The Station

Name : 104.1 EZ FM
Location : lowa, United States
Language :  English
Frequency : 104.1 FM
Owner : Saga Communications of Iowa
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia
Website : 1041ezfm.com

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